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Computer Science never appealed to me as an interesting subject, until I was blessed with an experience of a lifetime of being taught by Sir Minhas Rupsi. He is always determined to help his students at the eleventh hour and solve their countless queries. Regardless of the number of students present in his class, he always fulfills the need of every individual to the utmost of his ability. I will always be in debt to him, for being a remarkable tutor and my motivation towards studying the subject.

Amna Abdullah Mama Parsi School

Sir Minhas Rupsi! A dedicated Teacher! An Inspirator! First of All, I would like to Thank You Sir, for all you did for me. I cannot express, nor their words to thank you. You gave me confidence in myself and helped me see what I could be! The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires. You are the Last One!

Taha Umair Happy Home School

Sir Minhas Rupsi is one of the best and hardworking teachers I have ever come across. His way of teaching inspired me to develop interest in Computer Science. Throughout the year, his lectures facilitated me new and innovative ways of practicing computer skills. He makes students identify their own need and improvise them as an active learners. It was really an informative and enjoyable experience of studying with a teacher like Sir Minhas. I will Insha’Allah get an A* in Computer Sciences.

Yumna Jamil Karachi Public School

In November 2015, I appeared for Computer Science papers. I was weak in computers so I decided to take classes from Sir Minhas Rupsi. When I started studying computers, He always kept me involved and built my confidence.  I was motivated by his teachings style as well as his friendly nature. His support and believe in me gave me the courage to secure A grade in computers. I would just like to thank Sir Minhas for his support in achieving this result.

Maaz Jafrani Beaconhouse, PECHS Campus